Chris Rock ( Photo credit: Ron Elkman/USA Today).



It is natural, in fact essential for any good comic to have applied some very well thought out insights in their act. It is that sweet truth within the collective experience that draws a parallel to human emotion and engagement.


In this regard, Chris Rock stands out.

Regarding his work, this phrase comes to mind, 'it's funny because it's true'. For those already aware of his work, this is not a new idea, but from a strategic perspective, it bangs.

Rock has very consistently drawn key human and cultural parallels that are both acutely specific and at the same time universal. He's one of perhaps a handful of comedians that have a genuine international breadth with the same material that cuts through.

There are many illustrations of this talent, most recently and notably his monologue for the 2016 Oscars. He manages to touch on the nuances of liberal racism, gender and the range of Paul Giamatti in a tight ten. There are jokes yes, but truth lingers.

So why come Rock? How does he relate to strategy?


Well it's said in advertising that the foundation of good work is brilliant strategy; the insights and truths, and throughout Rock's career he's repeatedly proved his points (points that stand the test of time) in a critical fashion, while still making us laugh. 

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